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Ukraine, you're crazy!


If the person loses his memory does not remember himself, forgets relatives and friends, he will inevitably be in a madhouse. Unlike humans, the country may not be in a madhouse, but it is in a state of such lunatic become.


And it will be if you try to change their identity, closing the "new" historical past from the future. It is in this state is now Ukraine, thanks to comprehensively conducted "Ukrainization".

This, in fact, and sing in this clip.

And podborochka it chic in its horror, drew in a few minutes all the corruption and vileness of Kiev mode.

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Published by Михаил Пасечник , 20.01.2015 at 20:54


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Ser korz
Ser korz 21 January 15 02:27 West Fascist Ukraine is a lunatic's lunatic ( AND all thanks to the USA -NATO- EU).

Poor fascist Ukrainian soldiers, are sent just to die in East Ukraine.

Fascist Ukrainian prisoner said they were sent to the air port to extricate 300 Fascist Ukrainian soldiers , that were trapped there by the Newrussian's army but when they got there there were none and found themselves surrounded by the Newrussian's military after heavy casualties getting to the airport .
The so called Rebels, the Newrussian said that the 300 Ukrainian soldiers were allowed to leave safely out from the air port by the Newrussians a week ago.

Запад фашистской Украине сумасшедший , Направляются солдат только умереть в Восточной Украине (И все спасибо США - EU НАТО)
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Ser korz
Ser korz
West Fascist Ukraine is a lunatic's lunatic ( AND all thanks to the USA -NATO- EU).

Poor fascist …
Ser korz Ukraine, you're crazy!